Building for Media

The main focus of Schwörer Ingenieure since more than 40 years is consulting for new buildings and modernization of public-founded and private radio stations, TV studio and production buildings as well as broadcasting facilities.

We provide our services for "Buildings for TV, Radio and new Media"  independent, integrated and over all aspects. We cover a wide range of consultation at the intersection of all parties involved with media projects, the owner, users, architects, specialized engineers, media engineers, designers and construction companies. In other words:

We combine media thinking and building thinking.


Our scope of services includes

  • the collection of the ideas and targets of the users as well as the coordination and conversion into consistent specifications, terms and values for architects specialized engineers,
  • the assurance of the quality of the project planning and realization by providing and integrating our experience concerning the special work flows and conditions into the project definition for the participants and their coordination,
  • the integration of these aspects into the schedule and budget strategy,
  • the support of the design and planning with proposals for media suitable solutions concerning general approaches as well as design-engineering and technical details, installations, surfaces, facilities and equipment.

Our servies contain all aspects of building for Radio, TV and Media, across the classification into owner representation, project management, design, architecture, engineering and site supervision.

The descriptions of our services and expertise concerning

explain the focus of our activities for media buildings: new buildings and modernizations of public-founded and private radio stations, TV studios, production buildings as well as broadcasting facilities.

For detailed explanations of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Knowledge and Experience

Our specialized knowledge and experience cover

  • the operational flows of audio and video production as well as editorial work,
  • the significant requirements of the audio, video and control technology- including state of the art digital and virtual concepts - for building, building supply as well as production and broadcast facilities,
  • the characteristics of design and planning, media technology, structure, building and room acoustics, air conditioning and cooling, power and IT supplies as well as the specific aspects of electromagnetic compatibility and
  • the characteristics of the project and construction process as well as the installation of media equipment, especially at modernizations parallel to operation.

The list of studio and media projects shows our broad and profound experiences.

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